Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ryosuke Cohen - Osaka Japan

Brain Cell 752
looks like a collection of the creative consciousness...
and a whole list of contributors!

David Aronson - Willow Grove, PA

Ahoy! A duel! This fine scallywag made his way to the menagerie with direction from David Aronson of Willow Grove, PA. David is accepting contributions to his own mail art call with postings online at

Monday, November 30, 2009

David Berube - New York, NY

Flying across the dark night sky this lovely creature is settling in to his new home at the Menagerie. Dread is not one to look a gift bat in the mouth but... those are some real nice choppers! Thanks to David Berube for this latest contribution!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Torma Cauli - Budapest

Fabulous addition to Dread's Menagerie all the way from Budapest. Very unusual creature stands about yea high...
and the owl on the back well just have to love that. Thanks for this fine card! We've really enjoyed it.

Bruno Chiarlone - Italy

Received a fun add and pass project, plus some small bonus art included! The Crafty Hag will be putting her 2 cents worth onto this piece and promptly forward on as requested!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Adeline & Jennifer Zoellner, St. Petersburg USA

Another of Dread's birds has returned to the Menagerie, having been to a place with pink sky... a pink sky filled with love? or are those hearts really more birds in flight....? Thanks to Adeline and Jennifer for the collaborative effort on this nice piece!


Dread Lippencott is feeling the love! Thanks for the groovy potato print!

Atte Ourie - Helsinki, Finland -- Part 2

More mysterious maps from Atte Ourie!
This is the second time Dread Lippencott has received what we believe to be mystic maps and this time we received 2 in one day---the cryptic messages on the back are hard to cypher, leaving a delicious curiosity for the wandering traveler.

Keith Buchholz - St. Louis, USA

Gaze in to the wild eyes of a mail art participant... thanks to Keith Buchholz for this glimpse into a fluxus world.

Lothar Trott - Switzerland

Lothar poses the question :WHAT IS MAIL ART? and provides clues... a window, a street.... whatever and wherever mail art takes us its something we can all enjoy together!
One packed envelope came to the menagerie with a funky zine (shown here folded in book shape and also unfolded to see all images) a note and some cool ray johnson mail art stickers that say " we respond differently to this one, to that one. The only way to understand is through participatory actions." Yup, that's mail art all right!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ryosuke Cohen - Osaka Japan

Having been to many places around the globe, this is just a detail of a jumbo stamped collage recently received, too large to fit onto the scanner... and honestly I'm a bit unsure if I am to add to it and pass it on? I hate to stop the journey unwittingly... but being a novice my guess is that I am the final destination. Now I have a list of many people to send mail to!

Giovanni and Renata StraDA DA - Ravenna, Italy

Brought to the menagerie by poetic birds: dancing chimps! Buckle up because the next flight is about to blast off! Send your musically poetic dada-ist transmission to
Giovanni and Renata Strada da :
C.P. 271
Via Odoacre 14
48100 Ravenna

Samantha Manchester - Maryland

This explorer happened upon the Menagerie unexpectedly... bringing a statement full of insights and markedly similar interests among distant lands...

Check out more documented communications at

Angela Behrendt - Hannover, Germany

A fine sample of textile work from across the pond! Thanks to Angela Behrendt for sending one of her famous stitched cards to the Menagerie! She also has a call out for mail art if you care to contribute:
"I Like Amy Winehouse"
mail to Angela Behrendt
Heidornstrasse 7
30171 Hannover

David Berube - New York, NY

Look its the Bono Bug! Buzzing in from New York! Bzzzzz Bzzzzz Bzzzzz!
Another fine specimen from the Berube Bug collection!

Coming and Going: Richard Canard to me to Japan

This interesting piece came my way from Mr. Richard Canard--as instructed I added some dots and my name to the drawing and passed it on to Japan. (my additions are the pale yellow green dots) Fun to be a part of this project!

The next recipient is Laurie "La Dotiste", see more dot work at

Monday, October 19, 2009

Strange Creatures Escape From Menagerie! May be lurking in mail boxes....

Be on the look out for these strange creatures that have escaped from the menagerie and are making their way via USPS to other mail art collections....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jennifer Zoellner - Florida

This sassy lassy is hot stuff complete with cayenne karma!
Thanks to Jennifer Zoellner for sending this pirate warning to the menagerie! My own mail art journey began with a visit to JZ's mail art blog many moons ago--why not pay her a visit and see where it takes you!

Atte Ourie - Helsinki, Finland

A map of frozen snowy finger lakes to help guide Dread L. on his journey?
This cryptic note is lovely in its penmanship but a little mysterious in its blend of language.
I'll keep studying and cyphering....

Joseph Delgado - Arizona

Like a mirage from across the desert comes this image from Mohave Valley, AZ sent
complete with prose from Joseph Delgado

Love all the layers like you were just conked on the head and you cant quite get things in to focus.. the heat will do that to a person...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Test Tower - Centralia, WA

Just what Dread needs--a map of the 4th dimension direct from Test Tower! And noted sightings of the wayward flock will help plot our mail art course to HeeBee JeeBee Land! You've got to love this combined piece made with help from Richard Canard who has inspired this crafty hag on many occasion to keep on mailing. Of course you can visit the 4th dimension any time you like by going to

Bengamin Roe - Indianapolis

This card was perhaps sent from within the belly of a whale... or some sort of malevolent belly???
Skooch on over and give me a big kiss... CHOMP

Anyway thanks to Benjamin Roe in Indianapolis, USA for this lip-tastic contribution to the Menagerie! See more of his mail art comings and goings at