Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mystery Mail Art from Switzerland

Oops. The postal service cares, they really do...
even so this envelope full of fabricated postage arrived half missing... not sure who sent it but I think it is from Switzerland. Either way the abundance of mail art miscellanea will be put to good use on future projects!

Carroll Woods-- Menlo Park, CA

"Sing a Song of Veggies"! New Years Resolution mail art from a regular here at the menagerie, Ms. Carroll Woods. Always a delight to find in the mailbox!

Bifidus Jones -- St. Paul, MN USA

Sermon on the Mountain Bike... The Pirate Dread LOVES a good sense of humor! And safe bike habits are always good too.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mad Madge - Spokane, WA - USA

Madmadge makes mail art fun! Lovely holiday greeting arrived at the mengarie some time ago and is finally being posted for all to share and enjoy! more on madmadge at

Dame Mailarta -- Canada

Look at all the interesting people visiting the mengarie via Mailarta! Submit your portrait to Dame Mailarta's portrait gallery! Full details at

M. Greenfield -- UK? / Marino Menarin -- Italy

This fine package arrived at the menagerie already opened... hopefully none of the contents were missing but even so the outside was treated with as much care as the inside! With no return address I'm not sure who to attribute this to... Thanks to M. Greenfield and Moreno Menarin and anyone else who contributed to the cause!

Music Master -- Minneapolis, MN

Of course the pirate Dread holds Minneapolis in a dear dark part of his heart.... and much love to the music master for a fine envelope full of creativity submitted to the mangerie.

Jennifer Kosharek -- St. Petersburg, FL

Hot feathered pretzels! Yum! Very stylish addition to the menagerie from JK! You can submit to Jennifer's mail art calls see her website for details

Patricia Davidson -- Crockett, VA

Super cool fall gargoyle sent.... back in November 2010 and only now surfacing on the Menagerie's pages... my apologies for the delay! Wonderful mythical creature will be right at home here!