Monday, October 19, 2009

Strange Creatures Escape From Menagerie! May be lurking in mail boxes....

Be on the look out for these strange creatures that have escaped from the menagerie and are making their way via USPS to other mail art collections....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jennifer Zoellner - Florida

This sassy lassy is hot stuff complete with cayenne karma!
Thanks to Jennifer Zoellner for sending this pirate warning to the menagerie! My own mail art journey began with a visit to JZ's mail art blog many moons ago--why not pay her a visit and see where it takes you!

Atte Ourie - Helsinki, Finland

A map of frozen snowy finger lakes to help guide Dread L. on his journey?
This cryptic note is lovely in its penmanship but a little mysterious in its blend of language.
I'll keep studying and cyphering....

Joseph Delgado - Arizona

Like a mirage from across the desert comes this image from Mohave Valley, AZ sent
complete with prose from Joseph Delgado

Love all the layers like you were just conked on the head and you cant quite get things in to focus.. the heat will do that to a person...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Test Tower - Centralia, WA

Just what Dread needs--a map of the 4th dimension direct from Test Tower! And noted sightings of the wayward flock will help plot our mail art course to HeeBee JeeBee Land! You've got to love this combined piece made with help from Richard Canard who has inspired this crafty hag on many occasion to keep on mailing. Of course you can visit the 4th dimension any time you like by going to

Bengamin Roe - Indianapolis

This card was perhaps sent from within the belly of a whale... or some sort of malevolent belly???
Skooch on over and give me a big kiss... CHOMP

Anyway thanks to Benjamin Roe in Indianapolis, USA for this lip-tastic contribution to the Menagerie! See more of his mail art comings and goings at

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Carroll -- Mento Park, CA

Dread Lippencott is a bird fan and a fan of recycling so this is a very welcome addition to the menagerie sent by Carroll of Mento Park, CA -- 99% garbage and proud of it! Well, this is a true trash to treasure story--thanks for winging this collage our way!

Eric Coraboeuf - France

There is some sort of cosmic spotted bird energy flowing around out there... this bird has flown in all the way from France but is stunningly similar to a previous post featuring a spotted bird from Rev. Hugo in Gulfport, FL. Apparently this species soars world wide! Thanks to Eric Corabeauf for helping this special specimen find its way to the menagerie. See more mail art on Eric's blog,