Thursday, November 25, 2010

outgoing mail - Gruß vom Krampus

Spreading the word about Krampus, sending several related postcards out... explaining the legend and hopefully inspiring people to be good so they can be visited by St. Nick instead of the punshing demon he travels with.

Eddie Nero - Eugene, OR

Two cards arrived this week from Mr. Nero! Quite a nice surprise!

Laurie Ljubojevic -- Leumean, Australia

Spotted recently in port is Laurie L., the mistress of spots! Beautiful white dots are putting snowing tapioca all over these Easter images.

Ryosuke Cohen -- Osaka Japan

Wonderful composite add and pass, this group effort provided hours of entertainment for our good pirate Dread! Many thanks to Ryosuke for this contribution! (see list of participants)

Test Tower - Centralia, WA

Another creepy contribution to the menagerie, hiding all this time waiting to be posted... Thanks as always to Test Tower (visit him at And my apologies for keeping this hidden for so long!

Carroll Woods-- Menlo Park, CA

Part of a Macabre printmaking swap... this "box of bones"

(relief print and color pencil) was an unusual but welcome delivery to the menagerie. Carroll is always contributing wonderful works of art!