Thursday, November 25, 2010

outgoing mail - Gruß vom Krampus

Spreading the word about Krampus, sending several related postcards out... explaining the legend and hopefully inspiring people to be good so they can be visited by St. Nick instead of the punshing demon he travels with.

Eddie Nero - Eugene, OR

Two cards arrived this week from Mr. Nero! Quite a nice surprise!

Laurie Ljubojevic -- Leumean, Australia

Spotted recently in port is Laurie L., the mistress of spots! Beautiful white dots are putting snowing tapioca all over these Easter images.

Ryosuke Cohen -- Osaka Japan

Wonderful composite add and pass, this group effort provided hours of entertainment for our good pirate Dread! Many thanks to Ryosuke for this contribution! (see list of participants)

Test Tower - Centralia, WA

Another creepy contribution to the menagerie, hiding all this time waiting to be posted... Thanks as always to Test Tower (visit him at And my apologies for keeping this hidden for so long!

Carroll Woods-- Menlo Park, CA

Part of a Macabre printmaking swap... this "box of bones"

(relief print and color pencil) was an unusual but welcome delivery to the menagerie. Carroll is always contributing wonderful works of art!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stan Askew -- Pasadena, CA USA

when a traveler empties his pockets what might you find..... ephemera from various ports of call... thanks to Stan Askew for this collection of travel miscellany

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Janice Sullivan -- Akron, OH

a fine hand made halloween card received as part of a swap bot exchange... scan doesn't convey the iridescent quality of the glittery web unfortunately.

Lynn Violet -- Orlando FL

Nice gothic halloween card received as part of a swap bot exchange. Love the drippy blood...

Shari -- Ellenvile, NY

A witchy photo postcard received as part of a swap bot exchange

Lisa Purell -- Mesa, AR

some nice artist trading cards received as part of a swap bot exchange and a flickr exchange... see Lisa's photostream on flickr to see what ATCs are available to trade

Cat Swartz - Perry, OH

a fine linocut bird family from izohgore as part of a swap bot exchange

David Berube - New York, NY

B is for Booger! and for Berube........

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An adventurous new blog...

You're invited to follow my new blog, Pink Giraffe Adventure (
Check in each day to see what new adventure Pink Giraffe is embarking on...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

outgoing mail

I always forget to take pictures of items I mail out......but here are two leaving this afternoon...

Stacey B.-- Menomonee Falls, WI

"One generation plants the trees, another enjoys the shade" -- Chinese Proverb quoted on the back of this friendly block printed postcard received from Stacey in WI. Wisconsin has always given a green impression to me with its rolling hills and woods so this card seems quite fitting. Received as part of a printmaking postcard exchange on swap-bot.

Carroll Woods-- Menlo Park, CA

Always a treat to find a card from Carroll in the mailbox!
I love that she uses recycled items and comes up with such wonderful combinations/creations.

Katie Swanson - Cambridge, MN

Charming collage postcard from Katie who writes that this is her first ever hand made piece of mail art, well I hope she keeps at it, she is off to a great start. Received as part of a hand made postcard swap on Swap-bot

Tess aka Vontakk -- Augusta, GA

Fun and friendly collage card received from Vontakk as part of a swap-bot hand made postcard swap.

KT aka BlakkHawkk -- Portland, OR

Groovy skull ATCs received as part of a skull themed swap-bot swap!
you can never have too many skulls in your collection....

Myrrhkuri Rikk -- Westland, MI

Step right up ladies and gentlemen! Thanks to Myrrhkuri Rikk for this Ringmaster ATC, part of a circus swap on Swap-Bot

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mad Madge - Spokane, WA - USA

Mad Madge returns to the Menagerie with a nice abstract card, or are those ladder rungs leading up to a portal? Regardless its a nice mix of pattern, color and texture and a cheery surprise in the mailbox.

Grace G. -- Cape Coral, FL

So, is this guy welcoming us or daring us to enter in and enjoy the show?
hard to tell with clowns sometimes--but either way a nice ATC from Grace G sent as part of a circus themed swap-bot trade.

Cassandra LeSar - Tampa, FL

This is a lovely creature, recently landed at the menagerie courtesy of Cassandra who kindly sent return mail to me. This bird is the word! Thanks!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Erin Nolan -- Dekalb, IL

This is an appropriate image for our menagerie as this guy has been hanging out at the pond near our house....lovely piece of original art from a fellow printmaker--check out pejnolan on etsy or flickr for more artwork

Crafty Celtic Lass -- Watauga, TX

A fine robot received from my partner in a swap-bot exchange!

Tina aka Bruxbaby -- Pearl, MS

Received as part of a skull themed swap on swap-bot, hand drawn is always apprecited!

Barbara -- Santa Barbara, CA

received from a recent a swap-bot partner a card with the letter C which of course is possibly my favorite letter... note that in this dictionary page you find Charlotte(almost my first name), charnel house(another term for graveyard which I find interesting places to visit), and chartreuse (one of my favorite colors)... all good!

Mark Ruffner -- St. Petersburg, FL

really nice owl image with a bonus artist stamp from Mark, interesting to have predator and prey on the same card....quite by accident no doubt! a fine surprise to get a return card such as this

Russell Manning -- Dallas, TX

a nice pen and ink collage from Russell--quite a distinctive style and an interesting combination of images

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hugo - St. Petersburg, Florida

Gotta love a gator! especially a grape gator! His purple-ness has found his way to the menagerie thanks to the good Rev. Hugo, a true preacher and practicer of all things mail art.

Deb Wilson - Mt. Vernon, IL

Fun piece of mail art from a new contact, thanks to Deb Wilson for this timely piece of advice--this card arrived as I was preparing for a new exhibit and was feeling a bit trepidatious. This card offers a good reminder that the only thing holding us back, is us.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Torma Cauli - Budapest

Celebrating the sights of summer! Lovely two-sided collage arrived in a hand made very festive envelope. Fun stuff!

Dr. Brignone, Italy

Lovely Italian Femme Fatal from Dr. Brignone in Italy! mmmmm pasta........

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bifidus Jones -- St. Paul, MN USA

A scientific study of religion... yes dinosaurs and people were around at the same time its a well known fact! The great kachina says so.

We love sociological studies here at the menagerie so thanks to Professor Bifidus for this contribution!