Friday, August 20, 2010

Mad Madge - Spokane, WA - USA

Mad Madge returns to the Menagerie with a nice abstract card, or are those ladder rungs leading up to a portal? Regardless its a nice mix of pattern, color and texture and a cheery surprise in the mailbox.

Grace G. -- Cape Coral, FL

So, is this guy welcoming us or daring us to enter in and enjoy the show?
hard to tell with clowns sometimes--but either way a nice ATC from Grace G sent as part of a circus themed swap-bot trade.

Cassandra LeSar - Tampa, FL

This is a lovely creature, recently landed at the menagerie courtesy of Cassandra who kindly sent return mail to me. This bird is the word! Thanks!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Erin Nolan -- Dekalb, IL

This is an appropriate image for our menagerie as this guy has been hanging out at the pond near our house....lovely piece of original art from a fellow printmaker--check out pejnolan on etsy or flickr for more artwork

Crafty Celtic Lass -- Watauga, TX

A fine robot received from my partner in a swap-bot exchange!

Tina aka Bruxbaby -- Pearl, MS

Received as part of a skull themed swap on swap-bot, hand drawn is always apprecited!

Barbara -- Santa Barbara, CA

received from a recent a swap-bot partner a card with the letter C which of course is possibly my favorite letter... note that in this dictionary page you find Charlotte(almost my first name), charnel house(another term for graveyard which I find interesting places to visit), and chartreuse (one of my favorite colors)... all good!

Mark Ruffner -- St. Petersburg, FL

really nice owl image with a bonus artist stamp from Mark, interesting to have predator and prey on the same card....quite by accident no doubt! a fine surprise to get a return card such as this

Russell Manning -- Dallas, TX

a nice pen and ink collage from Russell--quite a distinctive style and an interesting combination of images