Friday, March 26, 2010

Daniel de Culla - Burgos, Spain

The Menagerie has received its first plant specimens direct from Spain! on the back were some partial notes about "dia del arbol" or literally the day of the trees (probably like the america Arbor Day) It says " En tu barrio, seguro que hay arboles... puedes aprender sus nombres. Como ya sabes, un arbol es un amigo" roughly translated means "In your neighborhood, certainly there are trees... you can learn their names. As you know, a tree is a friend"... and this mail art was very friendly indeed...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bruno Chiarlone - Italy

A plane! Passing through the menagerie will pick up some additional passengers and be sent back to Signore Chiarlone... fun to be included in an add-and-pass project!

Torma Cauli - Budapest

This delicate piece has brought news of springtime to the drudgery of Dread's menagerie... lovely to receive from Hungary!

Mincing Mockingbird - La Crescenta, California

Hark, a hawk! Lovely piece of original bird art has landed at the menagerie sent by the infamous MincingMockingbird... Mincy has a call out for mail art as well on this multi-use blog

Karen Wood - Big Bear Lake, CA

Splashing and frolicking in the sweet frothy white uh... milk? a fun little dolphin has made its way to the menagerie via Karen Wood of Big Bear Lake, California
see more of Karen's artwork at

Monday, March 15, 2010

Carroll Woods-- Menlo Park, CA

More fun and friendly spring time images have arrived at the menagerie. This delicate Eastern Tailed Blue butterfly is a fine addition to the good pirate Dread's collection and don't tell the other pirates but... he has a fondness for bunnies and flowers too this time of year.

Test Tower - Centralia, WA

Ahoy! Spring has sprung in the 4th dimension! Test Tower's cheery Happy Spring vibe has resonated all the way to the menagerie!

You can visit the 4th dimension at

Monday, March 8, 2010

Eduardo Cardoso - Portugal

This submission is paranormal! Nice original collage from Eduardo C. in Portugal. The Pirate Dread picks up bits and pieces of language during his travels but can only guess that the headline says "a dangerous precedent"... maybe I will consult my dictionary..

you can send mail art to Eduardo and visit him at

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mincing Mockingbird - La Crescenta, California

Dread's aviary has several new additions thanks to Mincing Mockingbird! This piece has a charming morbidity perfectly suited to the Lippencott collection. Included are some of our favorites--pigeons, red wing black birds, cardinals, and some interesting historical facts (?) in multiple languages no less! One fact is for sure, on the back it states "of more value than money", without a doubt!

visit The Mincing Mockingbird online and enjoy more mail art at

GOOP Gallery - Ottawa Canada

Happy Happy Mail Art!

Dread Lippencott appreciates a ray of sunshine delivered today direct from Helene L and GOOP Gallery in Canada. These butterflies made it all the way to our port with bright cheer intact. The favor has been returned with happy mail art heading northward even now....

visit GOOP Gallery online at

Thursday, March 4, 2010

outgoing mail

going to be sending out a few marker drawings and watercolor sketches...... watch your mailbox!