Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Janice Sullivan -- Akron, OH

a fine hand made halloween card received as part of a swap bot exchange... scan doesn't convey the iridescent quality of the glittery web unfortunately.

Lynn Violet -- Orlando FL

Nice gothic halloween card received as part of a swap bot exchange. Love the drippy blood...

Shari -- Ellenvile, NY

A witchy photo postcard received as part of a swap bot exchange

Lisa Purell -- Mesa, AR

some nice artist trading cards received as part of a swap bot exchange and a flickr exchange... see Lisa's photostream on flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/34389059@N00/ to see what ATCs are available to trade

Cat Swartz - Perry, OH

a fine linocut bird family from izohgore as part of a swap bot exchange

David Berube - New York, NY

B is for Booger! and for Berube........

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An adventurous new blog...

You're invited to follow my new blog, Pink Giraffe Adventure (www.pinkgiraffeadventure.blogspot.com)
Check in each day to see what new adventure Pink Giraffe is embarking on...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

outgoing mail

I always forget to take pictures of items I mail out......but here are two leaving this afternoon...

Stacey B.-- Menomonee Falls, WI

"One generation plants the trees, another enjoys the shade" -- Chinese Proverb quoted on the back of this friendly block printed postcard received from Stacey in WI. Wisconsin has always given a green impression to me with its rolling hills and woods so this card seems quite fitting. Received as part of a printmaking postcard exchange on swap-bot.

Carroll Woods-- Menlo Park, CA

Always a treat to find a card from Carroll in the mailbox!
I love that she uses recycled items and comes up with such wonderful combinations/creations.

Katie Swanson - Cambridge, MN

Charming collage postcard from Katie who writes that this is her first ever hand made piece of mail art, well I hope she keeps at it, she is off to a great start. Received as part of a hand made postcard swap on Swap-bot

Tess aka Vontakk -- Augusta, GA

Fun and friendly collage card received from Vontakk as part of a swap-bot hand made postcard swap.

KT aka BlakkHawkk -- Portland, OR

Groovy skull ATCs received as part of a skull themed swap-bot swap!
you can never have too many skulls in your collection....

Myrrhkuri Rikk -- Westland, MI

Step right up ladies and gentlemen! Thanks to Myrrhkuri Rikk for this Ringmaster ATC, part of a circus swap on Swap-Bot