Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nick Johnson -- Eugene, OR USA

A trip in time and space, to the long ago days in Skagway, Alaska.

Bluebird Books -- Florida

This quiet haiku came to us by way of the bluebird book bus project, wishing them much success

Caroll Woods -- Menlo Park, California USA

Another fine creation from our favorite Anonymous Dumpster Diver! Rawr!

Lois Richter -- Davis, CA USA

Relax, its only mail art. Thanks for the inspiration to cat nap!

GOOP--Ottawa, Canada

The GOOP Gallery in Ottawa Canada declares Mail Art is King of the Universe! YAY!

Test Tower -- Heebee Jeebee Land aka Centralia, WA, USA

Nothing like a good Squid Patrol to keep you safe, thanks Test Tower for watching out for us!

Kim Jung Youn -- Seoul, Korea

Always exciting to get exotic artwork from far off lands, thanks Kim in Korea!

Mad Madge -- Spokane, WA USA

Mad Madge always sends purrrfectly swell cat influenced creations. Meow!

Matt Deterior--Florida, USA

Matt D knows love is hell... Happy Valentine's Day to you too MD

Eddie Nero---Eugene, Oregon USA

Traveling the cosmic void by way of Oregon thanks to Eddie Nero.

I'm a Superhero -- Iowa City, Iowa USA

I'm A Superhero has been busy! Sending digital collages and calls for action, he never stops.