Tuesday, June 21, 2011

outgoing mail

so much great art coming in, am doing my best to keep up and return the favor--watch your mail box and remember, senders receive

Art Nation / Karen Champlin -- Highland Park, IL USA

A dreamy bit of mail art -- perhaps my/your/our dream is to have an art nation for real? Make it happen, mail some art today!

Pedro Bericat -- Zaragoza, SPAIN

A cool all weather laminated card direct from Spain--the key to mystery? Visit Mute Sound project www.mutesound.org for information about the 1 minute sound collection project and submit your minute of sound for autohypnosis.

Farmageddon--Petaluma, CA USA

Direct from Farmageddon--what every menagerie needs--cash and stickers! Also a cool invitation to participate in a mail art postcard book project... we'll be completing our blank card to send in right away! See more at www.farmageddonfarm.com

I'm A Superhero I can like fly and shit--USA

From an american mail art IUOMA superhero comes this photo postcard--thanks for the futuristic digi-art! See more at www.moomoosuperhero.blogspot.com

Eduardo Cardoso -- Sines, Portugal

Always a pleasure to receive original art from overseas, thanks to Eduardo for this Paranormal Mail Art contribution!

The Occasional Bat--Tampa, FL USA

For creatures of the night, the sunshine state can be a bit much sometimes.....thanks to Ed and Theresa of The Occasional Bat and Dark Horizons Radio!

L. Hensley -- St. Pete, FL USA

This card makes me a little bit dizzy.. loved the ingenuity of sewing clear beads on as bubbles from the fish in the water. Keep at it L.H.

Hugo Porcaro -- Gulfport, FL USA

There is something extra energetic about Hugo's bunny, running rampant here at the Menagerie-thank you!

Lindsay Stewart--Lake Fletcher, N.S. CANADA

Thanks to Lindsay for this poetic piece of mail art--see more of her sendings at www.goodvibeywoofwoof.blogspot.com and keep up with her mail art a day at www.mailart365.com

Jacque Lynn Davis--St. Louis, MO USA

An interesting paisley an hail inspired piece from St. Louis, MO...

view more of Jacque's artwork at www.flickr.com/jacquedavis

Chris Day--Jeremiah, KY USA

Thanks to Chris for this piece that mixes history and modern technology... wish I had a device that could scan a QR code... someday... meanwhile check out more art at www.chrisdayart.com