Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Pirate Dread Lippencott has assigned The Crafty Hag the task of preparing some mail art to distribute on his behalf... wind and sea creatures are nearly ready to depart to far away lands....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mail Art Underground from Dr. Lutz Wohlrab -- Berlin, Germany

Interesting and informative pamphlet on Ray Johnson and an exhibit brochure for a mail art show in Berlin... too bad Dread is docked at home port, would love to see in person!

Thanks to Dr. Lutz Wohlrab / Langhansstrasse 64 a / D-13086 Berlin / Germany

Catching Up on Mail Art!

The Crafty Hag owes all the mail art contributors out there a big apology... your fabulous contributions to the menagerie have been arriving and enjoyed but not posted, until now! Thanks to everyone who continues to brighten the mail box with special deliveries!

Thanks to Angela Behrendt for this fine hand stitched card warning us of the hazards of capitalism and I will add consumerism. She has her own "I Like Amy Winehouse" mail art call, deadline is March 31, 2010, send to: Angela Behrendt / Heidornstrasse 7 / 30171 Hannover / Germany

Thanks to David Berube of NYC for his final Berube Bug! He's closing his bug mail art call but we all hope to see more of his linocut prints out on the web and in the mail... his creatures have been a fine addition to the menagerie!

Grrrr baby! Happy 2010 Year of the Tiger from Carroll Woods in Menlo Park, CA! The menagerie is thrilled to accept this top of the food chain Tiger into the fold! He even came with his own sushi supper with a fish and octopus on the back...

From top of the food chain to the bottom... Amandia Kapsalis of Chicago, Illinois contributes these amoebic water creatures with her o-fish-al mail art. The menagerie loves all creatures great and small so thanks for this contribution!

David Aronson - Willow Grove, PA

Thanks to David Aronson for this groovy signed print! My apologies in the delay of posting... seas have been rocky and Dread has been adrift of late!