Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Angela Behrendt -- Hanover, Germany

Once in a while the mail art gets bitten before the postman can deliver it, such is the case here with this piece from Angela Behrendt of Hanover... luckily her style is unique enough that we know where this piece came from even without the return address...

Mad Madge -- Spokane, WA USA

A cosmic collage with a directional flair... bees dance to give directions, a highway, a flying machine... we all go hurtling through the cosmos at break neck speed...

Torma Cauli -- Budapest, Hungary

It is snowing in Budapest per this recent update from Torma Cauli... find more mail art at www.tormacauli.blogspot.com

Dr. Brignone -- Cuneo, Italy

a beauty from far off lands has docked at the menagerie thanks to Dr. Brignone!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Karen Champlin -- Highland Park, IL USA

You say goodbye, I'll say hello... This interesting ghostly collage/mixed media postcard arrived at the menagerie recently. Thanks to Karen for writing in!

Ryosuke Cohen -- Osaka, Japan

A couple of days after the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami I received this letter from Ryosuke Cohen in Osaka... he has a new art call out for the Big Bang, space, atoms, etc. And he sends these fun lists out with participants addresses so you can continue to mail and connect globally. www.ryosukecohen.com

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Carroll Woods-- Menlo Park, CA USA

A cheery study on the geometry of spring from Ms. Woods. Full of birds, bees, and flowers to add some springtime flavor to the menagerie.

Ria Cabral -- Minot, North Dakota USA

A very interesting add and pass... where the postmark is the thing you add rather than a rubber stamp or collage piece... happy to contribute a FL postmark and put this card back on its way.

Stan Askew -- Pasadena, CA USA

Mr. Askew has sent us a case of the crazy eights..... putting in his 2 cents worth with a fine collage of images!

Bifidus Jones -- St. Paul, MN USA

Always enigmatic another wild beast has arrived from Bifidus Jones... This rhino just flew in and boy are his wings tired.... extra fun found in the strange background images and text...thanks for this interesting if not surreal addition!

Cherie -- St. Petersburg, FL

It's a triple shot of wacky goodness from Cherie! Nice to have more sea monsters and robots in the menagerie!