Friday, November 18, 2011

Dread is Sailing the High Turbulent Seas!

To all my fantastic mail art contacts, fear not! Dread has not Drowned!
Its just been a long journey to between the mail box and the scanning device... but it will be worth the wait when our good pirate returns to post! Stay tuned, just a few more weeks!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stan Askew -- Pasadena, CA USA

It is always a lucky day when you find mail art from Stan Askew has been delivered--but this card is even more so with symbols I take as enchanted: Asian cats, found dimes, infinity eights... BINGO we have a winner!

Goop Gallery -- Ontario, Canada

Happy Art from GOOP!

Viviana Cernjul -- Argentina

It is fun when the mail art spills out onto the envelope... a nice geometric card all the way from Argentina!

Matt Deterior--St. Petersburg, FL USA

Cooking directions for mail art magic genie monsters courtesy of artist Matt Deterior--YUM!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Anything Goes--Call for Mail Art

An opportunity to mail in something has arrived--deadline is Sept 6 so don't doddle, just get those doodles in the mail already! anything goes so get on it!

Tiffany Pierce--Plaistow, NH USA

A fine original piece recieved as part of a swap bot hand made postcard exchange, thanks Tiffany!

Susan McAllister--Berkeley, CA USA

I think perhaps this is intended to be a portrait of the crafty hag......pretty groovy I think oil pastel--I love getting original art in the mail, thanks!

Schoko Casana Rosso -- Berlin, Germany

I recently had opportunity to visit Berlin and boy is it a fantastic I was thrilled to get a linocut from a Berlin artist.

Richard Canard -- Karmadale, Illusion USA

A double shot of LIFE from the infamous Richard Canard!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm a Superhero's Call for Zombies! Mail Art of the Living Dead

Send your zombie theme mail art to MAIL OF THE LIVING DEAD / 1234 Sandusky Drive/Iowa City, Iowa 52240 USA because Zombies don't read poetry!
More info at

David Berube -- New York, NY USA

A lovely linocut from Mr. Berube and not a bug in sight...

Kim -- Belarus

A card from Belarus thanks to Postcrossing--a country that I know little about and inspired now to investigate!


This meticulous postcard collage arrived from The Netherlands via Swapbot. Very nicely done!

Kim Jungyoun -- Seoul, Korea

another IUOMA contact--Kim has a facebook page where she posts mail art that she receives:

Frips--Gent, Belgium

Frips is part of the IUOMA... see more at

Now let's go swimming!

Anonymous via Postcrossing -- Berlin, Germany

This card arrived from an anonymous sender in Berlin... I would have loved to returned some mail art to her but...sadly cannot as she is no longer participating in postcrossing apparently.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carroll Woods-- Menlo Park, CA USA

my mail box is crawling with mail art...and beetles...i like 'em both just fine! and yes here

at the menagerie (in FL) we have some nasty big bugs....those i don't care for as much.

Test Tower -- Centralia, WA USA

Test Tower has used his fluxus powers to combine our artistic visions

... nicely done!

I'm A Superhero I can like fly and shit--USA

Another far out post from Ima Superhero--get all kinds of deets on the IUOMA site! (that is international union of mail artists, just in case you were wondering)

Lisa Hunter--Apple Valley, CA USA

Good advice... art + dream = forever

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mad Madge -- Spokane, WA USA

brains yarrow eyes brains
yellow eyes brain yarrow
eyebrain yarrow yello

thanks mad madge for making my brain spin with this crazy circle mail art collage card!

Moreno Menarin-- Vicenza, Italia

Always fun to join in on the add and pass action...thanks to Moreno Menarin in Italia!

Hugo Porcaro Jr. -- Gulfport, FL USA

ooh ooh ooh Jackie Blue...or in this case green? Thanks Hugo for making me sing this wacked song all day at the Menagerie! Share the madness... watch Jackie Blue on YouTube and sing along!

I'm a Super Hero I can Like Fly and Shit -- Location Unknown USA

Here we have some samples of digital cyber art at its best... computer generated montage printed on photo paper and mailed out...want a piece of the action? visit!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

outgoing mail

so much great art coming in, am doing my best to keep up and return the favor--watch your mail box and remember, senders receive

Art Nation / Karen Champlin -- Highland Park, IL USA

A dreamy bit of mail art -- perhaps my/your/our dream is to have an art nation for real? Make it happen, mail some art today!