Friday, April 6, 2012

Madmadge -- Spokane, WA

Fun and funky cheery cardboard jumbo mail art postcard from MadMadge made my day. Yay!

Cernjul Viviana--Argentina

My grade school spanish may serve me here, let me guess at the translation:
I hope you receive this mail art promptly. My best wishes from Argentina

Yay for global connections via mail art!
See more at

C.Z. Lovecraft -- Westport, MA USA

CZ Lovecraft is looking to make new contacts in the mail art world so send a note if you have a minute! You may get a cool ATC in return like the one above... plus if it comes in a super cool envelope you'll be double excited!

Deb Wilson--Mt. Vernon, IL USA

I couldn't agree more! Never be ordinary!

Arttower -- Aschaffenburg, Germany

Happy Mail Art Indeed!
Modern Art and Robotic Greetings from Arttower in Germany! That smiling ostrich really tops it off! Vielen Dank!

Claudio Romeo -- Villa Raverio, Italy

"the spirit of the year 2012, revolutionary and action"
"promote a revolutionary flood and tide in art"


Stan Askew -- Pasadena, CA USA

Somehow Mr. Askew knows my eternal heart lies with the midwest...these images evoke old home sentiments for me.

Andrea Jay--Staten Island, NY USA

WOOF! a lovely hand drawn card featuring Loofah the dog!